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September 20th, 2013, 05:46 PM
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Last Saturday we ended up the ER with Everett. He was very lethargic and he stumbled and fell over several times. I nursed Payson and went on my way. They apparently didn't think it was a big deal so we saw a NP first. The NP felt we should see the doctor who drew some blood, the blood came back fine according to them. I found out later it was not fine.

Monday we went to his primary for a follow up. We are being referred to a pediatric GI doctor. Everett's lymphocytes were 60 and his neutrophils were 30. Which the hospital ER told me they were normal.She thinks he may have gotten some sort of stomach virus that normally hits older children or adults which is why it is taking so long for him to get better. But she isn't comfortable saying that is 100% it yet. We go in for a weight check on Thursday and if any weight has been lost she will be on the phone with the pediatric GI doctor to get him seen ASAP. Thank everyone for your continued thoughts and prayers. Hopefully we are closer to an answer.

Thursday we were back at the doctor for another weight check. There was no gain but no loss either so that's good but she is becoming concerned that something is going on and not a stomach virus anymore. If we don't get into the GI in a timely fashion she will be ordering more blood, CT and an ultrasound. It's becoming difficult to deal with and I struggle not forcing him to eat. When he is playing he is fine but he tires easily and just lays down. He huffs and puffs up the stairs. It's just so hard to watch your child struggle and not know why. We have no idea what this is or what we maybe facing. Your continued prayers are appreciated. Thanks ladies.

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