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September 20th, 2013, 07:58 PM
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I plan to do baby lead weaning with Porter after 6 months. The pediatrician mentioned at his 2 month appointment that we could start talking solids at his 4 month appointment and I didn't say anything to him then, but I def plan to wait until 6 months at least.

My sister in law has been putting rice cereal in her baby's formula (all feedings) since he was like 4 or 6 weeks or something because the pediatrician told her it would help with his reflux. (He's 6 weeks older than Porter.) I don't know if it really helped with that bc he's on meds too, but I do know he has lots of constipation issues since she started doing that. He does sleep through the night though, which I am jealous of, and has since 10 or 12 weeks, but I don't think that really has anything to do with it.
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