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September 20th, 2013, 08:55 PM
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Ben (7, technically in 2nd) - School is kicking his butt this year. He's unofficially in 5th grade, and although he's enjoying the challenge of learning so much that is new, he's not enjoying the work load. He's always been extremely asynchronous, with language arts far surpassing math, but that gap is getting smaller, because he's made tremendous strides in math over the past year (since we switched to Life of Fred). He has finished the elementary series of Fred, so we're doing 5th grade to use up the rest of our membership before going back to Fred for the intermediate & middle school series. His favorite subject this year is American History (which also combines literature). We've taken a year off from languages, having done 3 years of elementary Latin already. He wants to move on to elementary Greek next year. Overall, I've seen a lot of confidence and maturity in him this year that I haven't seen in years past. I think that has to do with his motor skills also getting closer and closer to normal (they've always been delayed). He has completed physical and vision therapies, and he's near completion of occupational therapy.

Daniel (4, technically preK) - School is still mostly a game for him. On days that we actually "do school", he's working at a 2nd grade level across the board. He's not nearly as asynchronous as Ben always was. Daniel is a very fun-loving, free-spirited, creative child, and he never sits still or stops talking. He's constantly surrounded by his long-term imaginary friends - friends who've become very real to the whole family. His favorite activities are gymnastics and annoying his big brother. I have no plans to reign in Daniel's freedom of spirit until the state says he's required to start school (I believe it's 6 here... I'd have to check ... at least a year away, though). On days that we do school, he'll do a week's worth at a time, it seems, but usually, he does nothing at all.
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