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September 20th, 2013, 11:29 PM
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First I would like to mention that it is completely normal for women to have freakishly light periods every now and then. A woman that may have a heavy flow for 3 days, medium for a day, and then spot for another may sometimes just be spotty for several days. That being said...

It sounds like you are pretty regular to me. 28 day cycles, give or take 3 days? Right on track in my experience. I would normally O between CD 16 and 22, not the same day each cycle, but regularly on those days.

Implantation bleeding is different for different women. Some women report having it around a week after ovulation, some say they get it the day AF is due. I have a friend that got implantation bleeding the day her period was due, and she said it was pretty heavy and bright red. She called crying because she said she felt so pregnant, and she figured it was a miscarriage. I got it this go at 7 DPO, however, I was nursing and had a luteal phase defect. I was supposed to get my period the day it started.

My spotting was light pink, some brown, and some maroon. I thought the third was red at first, but it was really really dark. Mine lasted 6 days. My buddy said hers stopped after 2 days. Then it started up again a few days later, stopped, started, stopped... That went on for the first 13 weeks of her pregnancy.

The spotting you spoke of sounds like you had a bit of ovulation spotting. Totally normal!
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