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September 21st, 2013, 04:12 PM
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Hi All
I am here... Honestly doing so much better than I thought I would and I think that's because
-I knew already. I am still glad I tested. let me mourn over a few day (crying in a public restroom last night, good times!) But better than all at once.
- SO relieved to know either way
- and because on the way home they told me I would be in the Dec IVF group and that upset me. By mid-afternoon they squeezed me into the Nov group So basically I only have a month to kill and with my sister 3cm+ right now, and me her birth coach, I think time will go quickly. Hard emotionally but I do want to hold my nephew badly.

I do have HCG but a very scant amount. They want it to 0 by CD2. (Side note: I thought it was ok/normal to have small amt of HCG in your system? Do you really think they will hold my cycle if I am not at 0?)
I knew FRER were crazy sensitive but wow. I do think it was picking up something but I am not going to think too long on it.

And lastly, coffee taste wonderful and tomorrow I am going to drink a ton of soda.

Originally Posted by stillwaiting View Post
((HUGS))...we love you Lucy....

I just read your blog. Please know I know EXACTLY what you are going through and I wish there was something comforting or super awesome amazing I could say to make you feel better, but I know there is nothing. Just know I'm thinking of you and I know your pain.

My biggest and hugest ((HUGS)) going out to you....
And I know EXACTLY what you mean because I have felt this for you and a couple other women.
I am in the faze of being grateful again... And so grateful for all of you, truly.

__________________________________________________ ___

I think it looks like yesterdays. Not stressing since it's early

Um I think I might see something IRL. I was hoping for a line but after reading some ivf bfp threads last night, it seems like many get bfp 11dp-13dpo?
(Oh and now that the 8dpo & 9dpo are dried, there is a line or an indent and the 9dpo is slightly darker than the 8dpo )

The wait is now officially torture :eyes:

I think anything has just been leftover trigger :eyes: Its just not getting darker.
I am just not feeling it. I hope I have to eat these words but I think i am out
(oh and the one with the 11 is FMU and the other is SMU. One has a crack in the plastic oddly enough)


13dpo and last test:
Due with #3
10 IUIs= one confirmed /IVF= BFN / FET= / FET2= Baby!
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