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September 21st, 2013, 08:27 PM
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Hey Ladies! I will be going back to work next month and I'm really struggling with the idea of nursing/pumping and working full time.

Background - Nursing DD #1 was a major challenge and I hated it. It was painful the entire time and I gave up at 4 months. DD #2 has been much easier and I feel more passionate about it this time around. My milk supply is crap, so I have to supplement 1, sometimes 2, bottles a day right now. I average 2 oz a side when I do pump. Harper will be almost 5 months old when I return to work. I feel like if I make it six months, I will have met my goal.

I am a teacher, so there will be days where my 30 min. lunch break is the only break I get all day. I was thinking I could nurse Harper in the morning before work (6:20.) Pump at lunch or during my break (11:30). Then nurse or pump when I pick her up (4:00). Then nurse again before bed (8:00). She would obviously get at least 2-3 bottles of formula (or pumped milk) during the day at the sitter's house.

Am I crazy to think this could work? If I only end up feeding or pumping 4 times a day will that totally kill my milk supply? I feel like this would be easier if I had a normal job that I could take a 15 min. break to pump anytime I want. Not so easy when I have 18 seven year olds under my feet all day. Advice?
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