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September 22nd, 2013, 05:46 AM
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All I can say is that it is not easy - but I have managed to do it. I am an attorney and sometimes my schedule is workable and sometimes it is super difficult. Generally Ellianna sleeps through the night, so I pump an extra 5 ounces between when she goes to bed and when she wakes. By pumping I keep up that supply. If I am in the office, I pump every 3 hours. This week I am in court 2 hours away. Pump before I leave, pump in the car when I get there, and asked the Judge for a private room at lunch. (I found you cannot be shy - just got to be open that you need an area - generally if you say I have a new baby that I nurse, is there any room I can use in private for 15 minutes - they get the idea). Then I pump as soon as I get back to my car. I just carry a blanket in the car. I freeze any extra for days when the pumping is less than optimal. Generally my Monday supply is great after a weekend is nursing and my Friday supply is less than good. That is when I used the extra that I pumped from early in the week.

It is a challenge - but works for us. Any way you can pump at a time when kids are in specials or you have any part of a free period? You could always skip pumping and just nurse 3 times per day. For me, I just enjoy sitting and nursing versus giving her a bottle (which she will not take from me)

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