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September 22nd, 2013, 07:06 AM
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SarahK- I'm all of a sudden in the same boat as you....I tested out my Clear blue on day 7, 8 to get a baseline reading....then I decided I was going to really start testing on cd10, today and bam, there was a smiley face...not blinking or anything. I used first morning urine like it said to do and then I did it again with 2nd morning urine, another smiley face....hmmmm.... I know last cycle whenever I used my cheapie OPK it was always darker in the morning than the afternoon, but never positive until I actually got my surge later in my cycle. When I took the stick out of the Clearblue reader the control line was still way darker than the test line..doesn't look anything near a positive reading(compared to my last cycle using digital OPK's) I also took Clomid this cycle, so like you, that could be affecting it...but here's what I think.....I think first morning readings on any OPK can give a false positive...(in june I also used FMU on CD9 and got a smiley face but my line was way lighter than the control, but my last cycle I surged on CD15,16 and on day cd16 my test line was a lot darker than the control line )....I'm going to just keep testing and see if I get the blinking and then smiley later this week...I was thinking if I do O it would be around that same CD 15,16 mark this time...but who knows I guess.....Let me know if you get another smiley face this week.....I think maybe we both got false positives......

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