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September 23rd, 2013, 08:07 AM
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Ok so being a first time mom is tough, people tell you a bunch of stuff that you should and shouldn't do, some people do things for you or do things IN-SPITE of what you want....

well here is where I need some help... A lot of people do things even if I don't want that to be done... example: my mom will come into the room as I am trying to get Lilly down for a nap you can tell Lilly is tired she's getting close to sleep and here comes my mom... I tell her don't bug her I am trying to get her down for a nap... she says I won't and then... she messes with her tickles her makes high pitched noises anddd ... picks her up... usually bringing Lilly upstairs who is still tired who then gets peeved off after a few min of being up there because my mom hands her off to everyone and then my mom gives her back all mad and awake (Lilly does NOT like to be handed around lol)

another example: Lilly is a spitter... she spits up a lot... So after she eats I either lay her down or put her in her bumbo or some other baby seat to relax and not get to wiggled around, a lot of people (home and at our friends house) don't listen to me when I tell them to leave her be for now she just ate and will spit up a lot and that creates a mess and a monster when she spits up a lot of what she just ate.... the response? "oh she is fineee" or "it's ok I am not wearing anything special" then she spits up and spits up all over her self and everything and they all act like something is wrong with Lilly because she spits up so much "wow she is spitting up so much you should really get that checked out" YEAH after you are bouncing her around RIGHT after she ate...

So anyway my question is how do I tell them something and make people listen without sounding like the B word?

see my mom .... she gets "upset" of I try to enforce leaving Lilly alone ESPECIALLY when Lilly is having a "fit" with her reflux or gas because she has such a strong screaming voice my mother can hear and she tries to RUN down and help (taking Lilly away doing what she wants which makes her madder) I do know she is trying to help but we are doing what we need to get Lilly better I don't need my mom running to help and if I tell her that she gets mad/upset

*we are looking for apartments so HOPEFULLY soon we will have our own place!

sorry this is so long!

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