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September 23rd, 2013, 08:20 AM
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I've read about sunscreens in the past and why they don't like to use them below 6 months. Hopefully this isn't too much information! Haha. But most regular sunscreens are designed to be absorbed into the skin, vs. just sitting on top of the skin as a physical barrier to the sun. With babies I think they worry about the chemicals from the sunscreen being absorbed into the skin, and therefore the bloodstream. So if you can, get a sunscreen that is intended to only sit on top of the skin-- one that uses zinc/titanium oxide to fight the sun's rays. Yes, it's not as pretty as the ones that absorb in--you get that classic "white" cream like in 70's movies where they have the white cream on their nose at the beach--but you will know your baby isn't getting any chemicals in their system.

Burt's Bee's makes a product, Baby Bee natural sun care, that is just zinc and titanium oxide, plus emollients.

Hope that helps---and I'm not trying to make the regular sunscreens sound like they're evil---haha I use them myself.

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