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September 23rd, 2013, 10:01 AM
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Hope all you mommies and soon to be mommies are doing well!
I've been busy! Baby k is growing like a weed! Was up to 8lbs 3oz at her last appt which is 3oz over birth weight, so breast feeding is going well. 3 weeks old already!!
She's gassy a lot so that's been trying but big brother is such a sweetheart and helper.
I feel like I miss out on a lot of y'all's updates because I'm not on the fb group, start posting here! Lol

Anyway I have my next PP check up in a couple of weeks and I need to make a decision on BC.
My options are mirena IUD, the depo shot or the mini pill.
I took the mini pill while breastfeeding my first and it was fine. I'm a little worried about another "surprise" though. MY doctor said that as long as I take the pills within 12 hours of each that they should still be as accurate as if I took them at the exact same time. He said I am a good candidate for the IUD and they are supposed to check my insurance to see if it covers it. He doesn't use the copper one only mirena. That one seems the most ideal for us because if we do have more children we want to wait 5 years or so but it's the one I'm most nervous about.
I'd heard that the depo shot can cause wait gain but he assured me that there is no evidence to support that. So... Opinions???
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