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September 23rd, 2013, 01:57 PM
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UGH! I just typed out a full response and my cat came in and hit back and deleted it all! So I'll make this brief lol

Depo is evil. Took 3 rounds and it screwed my body up for 2 years after stopping it. Gained about 24-30 lbs. Spotted all the time. That was while on it. Afterwards, I wasn't ovulating still, spotting like crazy, and had massive mood swings. 2 years of recovery for 9 months (3 rounds lasting 3 months each) of BC? No thanks.

Mini pill... um I'm pregnant now due to taking the mini pill at the same time every day with the rare exception that was only a few hours off. Not trusting that again.

Mirena... HEAVEN! I used this after I had my son in 2010. I did spot the first month or so, but my doctor said that was normal. She gave me a week's worth of the pill to stop the spotting and after that I didn't have any issues. No weight gain or mood swings either. It was amazing not to have to think about it. The only reason why I took it out was because my husband and I wanted to TTC. Well that marriage ended in a big huge crash. I'll be getting the Merna IUD after this little man is born for sure!

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