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September 24th, 2013, 01:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Orangebrittainy View Post
My son is extremely picky. After ruling out sensory issues, We now have a eat or starve policy. I also have been know to lie and trick to get him to eat. I will call any white meat chicken since he'll now eat chicken. We have told him that He likes something and that's why I cooked it. We also negotiate and bargin. With veggies I had to start with a small amount like 3 green beans and I have increased that amount slowly over time. I also use bribery. Eat your veggies and you can have more yellow rice (His fav!) I have to introduce new things one item at a time over a gradual period of time. To get him to eat a beef and bean burrito, I had to start with making PB&J on a tortilla shell (I had to force it down him for the first few bites. Then we transitioned to a cheese roll up using sliced cheese because he wouldn't eat it shredded. From there we slowly increased shredded cheese and decreased the sliced. Then we added a sliver of beans, and more and more over time, followed by beef a little at a time. We worked slowly to add sour cream. Now he'll eat a plain beef taco, or a beef and rice taco. He'll even eat chicken tacos. I need to work on adding veggies, but veggies are a BIG deal breaker with him. I am not sure how to "sneak" them in.
Puree them and they mix well. I have heard of many people doing that...especially with breads and stuff that is baked and you could add anything pureed into a tomato based sauce if he will eat that like spaghetti??
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