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September 24th, 2013, 04:15 AM
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You can "what if" this situation to death, but you need to test. That is step 1 no matter how you look at it. And also, if you are only using BC pills as birth control for a one night stand then you need to see your dr either way and get checked for STD's and even to confirm a pregnancy.

If you are pregnant then you go from there. Are you going to have to be open and honest with the two men involved. Yes, you should. And it is my understanding that you can determine paternity prior to the birth of the child.

I know this feels like alot but you need to take this situation in bite size pieces. First bite being taking a pregnancy test. Sometimes these things take flight in our minds and make us see or feel things that aren't real. Same is true for someone even trying to concieve.

The last piece of advice I can offer is to please think long term in this situation. Pregnant or not, you need to stop putting yourself in these situations. It's dangerous and never leads to good things. If you are pregnant, think long term about having a child in your life. No child is unwanted, even if you don't think your ready, there are many many loving families out there who are.

Good luck and I hope this situation turns out for the best for you.
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