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September 24th, 2013, 07:18 AM
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I'm Katt 24, from England, UK, but live in Sweden with a Swedish husband. First time mom to be!

RANT [I'm completely lost here in Sweden, their medical practice seems totally backwards to me in my opinion. I have meds that I take for my panic attacks and anxiety as well as IBS. The only difference now is I can't get my meds any more because one doesn't exist here in Sweden for my IBS and the other, well I can't be bothered and as I'm pregnant I guess it's safer to not take any meds, BUT I WOULDN'T KNOW!

Here in Sweden you only go to a midwife when you find out you're pregnant. I've been REALLY lucky and got an appointment for next week when they first said it could be 6 weeks time! They really don't bother or care to check on you in the first trimester as so much can go wrong anyway right? Useless!

They say the only real confirmation you get is with the pregnancy test you do at home. They don't check your HGC levels to see if the embryo is developing as it should - so no warnings or being prepared if the worst should happen. Nothing.]RANT OVER

-- I am to have a blood pressure check and test for possible diabetes at my first midwife appointment next week. I have to answer questions on whether I smoke or drink excessively which I abstain from both completely due to lifestyle and they will have me fill in a form to see if I'm depressed. That's it. Who knows when I will be back for any kind of "check up". I was told by my mother in law you get an ultrasound at around 12 weeks to check for Downs Syndrome if you want to otherwise the only scan you get is at 18 weeks.

My question is I have no idea when I conceived as I've had some crazy periods during and after I stopped taking Cerazette for 1.5 months up until July 11th. I could be 6 weeks pregnant if I count from the first day that I last bled... which was for 4 days and bright bright red, but not heavy at all. My husband and I have a lot of sex, pretty much everyday since July 13th (our wedding day), skipping a few days here and there. CBD said I was 3+ when I tested this weekend Sept 21st.

I don't know where to get proper professional advice about medication do's and don't's etc. as you don't see a doctor here for pregnancy at all and the midwife doesn't tell you much either. You are supposed to look online for information - no joke!
So here goes, where's the best advice?
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