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September 24th, 2013, 08:51 AM
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I have a Moby, a Mei tai, an Ergo, and a Sakura Bloom ring sling. I also have a couple of other slings I haven't opened, but they may not work bc they aren't adjustable I don't think.

LOVE the Moby. Porter loves it too. But it was so hot here this summer and we would both sweat so much if I wore him in it. And while I could get it on quickly if I needed to, in order to get it on where I felt everything was tight enough and not twisted I needed like 10 minutes and a mirror.

The Ergo I like, but he was too small for it. I haven't tried again since he has grown, but it will probably be the one I would use for like the zoo or something in the future.

The Mei tai I also like and I keep it in the car. I had a hard time getting him positioned correctly in it, but once I did I liked it (and he slept) and it was easy to get on.

But my favorite is my Sakura Bloom ring sling! It stays in the diaper bag. I'm obsessed with it. I got the linen one since it's hot here and it's fantastic. I got the mint color and it's so pretty. So easy to use. Doesn't take up much space in the bag. He loves it and so do I. I used it when we flew to carry him through the airport and it was great. I even nursed him in it while we were boarding the plane! I had bought a ring sling at babies r us (I forget the brand), but it didn't fit me or him right. Had all kinds of padding and elastic in weird places. I took it back and ordered the Sakura Bloom. It's one piece of fabric, no elastic or padding. They are a little pricey, but it's the best in my opinion and worth the $! (I bought the cheapest one, but I am sure the more expensive ones are even more awesome, haha.) I would have taken all the rest back and just gotten that one in the beginning had I known how much I would love it! LOVE IT so much!
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