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September 24th, 2013, 09:24 AM
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I do think it's a great name. I cant find a single negative thing to say about it. I am sorry others do. It's strong, masculine-sounding, comes with a variety of nicknames, has a second more "classic" sounding middle name if he so chooses when he is older, sounds fine for a doctor or lawyer.

I think everyone is always going to have an opinion. I get comments on all three of my kids names. Liam's usually the common factor (oh, that's really popular right now). Kieran is usually "that's unique" (aka: ugly. Lol). And Josephine is either "old-fashioned" or "why would you shorten such a pretty name to Jo, why not Josie (I hate it)."

You really won't win them all over. But once it's tied to a kid, a cute little face, people will be less inclined to give an opinion.
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