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September 24th, 2013, 09:54 AM
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I was going to say, sounds like she wanted a c-section. I hope the baby is safe and mommy is doing well now. My doctor won't let you go past 2 weeks, she doesn't like letting you beyond 1, but if you want she will and will just monitor you closely. Sometimes, like others have said, induction doesn't work. They tried pitocin with me with my first (one doc actually thought I was in labor and progressing, just not contracting "properly" so they started it, turns out that i hadn't dilated AT ALL past the 1 cm I had been), it didn't work for anything the first time, baby and my body just weren't ready. I was induced at 6 days past my due date using the Foley bulb and then pitocin and I was only in labor for 5.5 hours before she was born.

Ditto to Melissa, I would think that a c-section would be appropriate, but maybe baby is responding well to contractions? Sorry, i saw the update after I posted - took me a while to respond because I walked away from my computer
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