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September 24th, 2013, 10:03 AM
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I have four boys. Diet i always think is the only thing that could possibly have an effect.
For my boys, I ate alot of red meat. I drink quite a bit of soda ( sodium) we salt everything we can. I dont drink any milk, like ever, it makes everyone in my house sick. I didnt take alot of vitamins, i dont even remember a prenatal while pregnant.
For sure my oopsie boy ( my fourth) was the day OF ovulation on a month i double ovulated. I thought we were safe, so gave the go ahead, we had stopped having fertile signs 2 days before. DTD and popped up a few hours later with more O signs. It was the middle of the day. My third son, i had JUST stopped breastfeeding my second son, and THAT month i got pregnant. it was at night, but i dont remember anything else about it. Lets see, my secod son was at night, no Orgasm because we were in someone elses living room at the time, yes naughty. My oldest was in the middle of the day, missionary. With him i actually ate a fairly girl diet. We had been kicked out of our house, we had no where to go, no jobs, no money for food. So we were eating crap, and not often, not much of it. I was about 105 lbs ( which is my low range anyway) I did drink soda every day.
After my first son i got a depo shot, couldent get pregnant for 2 years. Gained 30 lbs from it. Then finally got pregnant. Couldent loose weight, gained another 10 lbs that never came off after Ds2. So was overweight with DS3 too. Kept right at that weight with DS4.
Ive finally lost 20 lbs and am back into my healthy range. So im hoping if we do agree to go ahead for number 5. That helps.
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