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September 24th, 2013, 10:11 AM
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Alright, so it all started on the 13th of this month. I was at a party with my boyfriend; we had been drinking and had sex without a condom, and I am almost positive he didn't pull out in time. Four days later, I started feeling really weak and tired. I couldn't keep my eyes opened. Next day my back had started to hurt and I felt bloated. I missed my period, since my last period was on the 15th of August. I started to feel nauseous and couldn't eat at all for three or so days and when I would try, I would get sick almost. I got so bloated that my jeans could barely button, like I had gained a little weight. My boobs are really tender to the touch, grew a lot, areolas are a lot darker than usual (breasts are so tender it hurt to walk cause they are moving), and my abnominal is tender to where it hurts to lay on my stomach. Also, I have been feeling a pulling/pinching feeling by my belly button. My lower back has been killing me, and hurts to walk, like my whole body aches and when I walk, my stomach just feels really weird. I have also had hot flashes everyday, but those are slowly going away. I started to get really bad cramps so I just thought I was going to have a late period. I felt like something was about to come out, so I went to the bathroom and had a blob of discharge with pink blood stuff in it. That's all I had the whole day. The next day I spotted again, and it stopped once I wiped. Did it again the next day and hasn't been back since. So I know it wasn't my period. I went and got a blood test done and a pee test at the doctors and they both came out negative. Could it have been too early for the test cause I hear you should wait two weeks to test. And if it wasn't too late, what all could I have other than being pregnant?

Also, as of today I am able to eat food without feeling naseous, but it's like I am nonstop eating; more than I have ever ate in one day.
Oops, I keep forgetting some other things hehehe. But in the first four days when I started feeling like this, I was also getting fevers. They have gone away, but everyday I get super hot randomly, and then it goes away. Also shortness of breath.

I am only 19 years old and my boyfriend is 21. We have already told my parents that I could be, but they don't think I am considering I took a blood test. His parents don't know yet because he wants to know for sure before telling his parents. I just have never felt like this before with my body; no flu, stomach bug, period, cold or anything has made me feel like this. It's just different and don't know if I had just got my blood test done too early since it hasn't been two weeks since that night we had sex without a condom, my mom made me go get a blood test right when I told her.

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