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September 24th, 2013, 11:01 AM
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What is one trend that you love? Boots.. of course i LOVE my cowboy boots.. haha.. I hate tennis shoes, I hate heels, I hate sandals.. I can't go w/o my cowboy boots... No other kind of boots, just my cowboy boots haha.

What is a trend you hate? Skinny colored jeans.. I don't like skinny jeans as it is, but when i see boys and girls where them and they are colored it just really grosses me out..

Originally Posted by HeatherJ View Post
What is one trend that you love? Boots! I'm trying to resist the call of them though.
What is a trend that you hate? The comeback of overalls for adults. They are ONLY cute on kids.
I won't lie overalls are lifesavers in a farmers life.. haha I love mine i have.. I wouldn't give em up..

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