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September 24th, 2013, 11:45 AM
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To be honest Cortney, if your state is anything like WI, you're better off just getting Badgercare and paying for the part of it you would need to pay for out of pocket. Your kids should be completely covered, it would just depend on what your husband makes for you and him. For example my husbands insurance would be 90.00 every pay check, or 180 a month, but I have to pay deductibles and it only has a 80/20 coverage. On the other hand we'd have to pay 200 for badgercare, but it covers 100%.
I just think this is so much of a hassle becuase Rob makes SO close to 100% of the poverty level, and I don't know if they are going to do this on a 6 month basis, 1 yr basis? I don't want to have to search around for health insurance every year, or 6 months or whatever. OR have them say, well this year you have to pay, but last year you didn't because he made 100.00 less.
I know I was told I can't be considered middle class because I didn't go to college(?) but that's exactly where we're stuck, ****** if you do ****** if you don't. I guess we need another kid for that extra $4,000 credit for poverty level lol. That's what the system is for right?

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