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September 24th, 2013, 08:30 PM
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I bedshare with Jo all night every night. And honestly love it. I did with my second, slightly less willingly (sorta where you are now, wanting to get up and put him back down, but not having the energy). This time, I decided to set it up so it would work for us. I put her crib side carred to our bed and leveled the mattress with our bed. I cleared all extra items (I do use a pillow and blanket, but not near her). I place her on her back, head at chest level with my legs bent up around her legs and my arm above her head. It blocks her from going near my pillow and I do like Kalynn with my blanket behind me. I have read a lot about it and the general idea is that mom, especially a breastfeeding mom, is very aware of her baby. She should be the only one sleeping with baby (I am between DH and her). But that her natural awareness will alert her to baby's needs. When done safely, there are no differences in outcomes (aka: problems with SIDS) between cosleeping and crib sleeping. I see all the warnings and the general "don't do it" are because, much like cold medicines being banned for young children, people don't pay attention to the rules and it ends up costing a child their life. Knowing the guidelines (no alcohol or drugs, no fluffy stuff, no one else near baby, on back, use fan for air circulation, breastfeed, etc) and your baby will be just fine.

FWIW: my husband has watched me and Jo sleep and he says it's neat because when she moves, I move to accommodate her even in my sleep. And I always considered myself a pretty heavy sleeper before children. I won't be a happy camper when she needs or wants space of her own. I really love having her right next to me. And I rarely even remember night feedings (but I know they happen, because I am usually half dressed in the am!)
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