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September 25th, 2013, 04:47 AM
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I'm a first time Mom and never throughout my history of babysitting have I come across a baby that is lactose intolerate so of course I don't know the signs of one that is.....until now. I've been having trouble with Adelyn's formula's since day one.

The first formula, Enfamil A+ gave her an upset stomach. She would cry almost after every feeding. So after a week we changed her milk to Parents Choice, a Wal-Mart brand formula milk. It was cheaper and we assume it might solve the problem and it was the Enfamil upsetting her. Well by the time she was 5 weeks, we noticed that this formula wasn't working either. In fact we spent nights with her screaming in agony. Couldn't figure it out, just assumed she was being fussy or possibly colic. When I asked my family doctor she said that wouldn't make since because Adelyn can burp fine so it might be a fussy time. So my doctor suggested putting her on Similac Low Iron until she was old enough to drink the powdered milk (3 months).

The Similac Low Iron (which we didn't want her on long because my doctor said she needed the iron in the regular formula) seemed to be doing good at first. She would spit up a lot more but there was no more crying and screaming in pain. We were talking about how sad we were that we would have to change formulas again since Adelyn was doing so well on this new milk. After about three days in, she started to squirm and get cranky again. The spitting up was getting worse and we figured this was another fail. I called the doctor and she told me to add a little more water to it for the time being and see if that would help. It did for the most part. When she was 10 weeks (last week), my doctor told me to try and and lessen the water since we were drowning out the stuff she needs with more water and thus she was drinking more and more and getting up earlier and earlier. So once we tried going back to the normal measurements of water, the pain came back at full force. I didn't know what the heck the matter was. We figured it still might be the UTI she had earlier but once I told my doctor, she had a suspicion that Adelyn might be lactose intolerate.

So starting last night we are trying her with the Enfamil Gentlease. Yes, it's not completely lactose free but we only have a suspicion so for now we are trying her with this. My doctor assumes she can handle the little amount of lactose in this formula since she managed to keep the other formulas down for the most part even though it caused her stomach pains. This formula also comes in powder, only powder, so we had to start earlier than 3 months but we didn't have a choice. Can't have the poor girl in pain all the time. So hopefully this will work and later on she grows out of this lactose stage if that's what the problem is.

When I hear of babies being lactose intelerate, I always think of babies power puking the milk across the room. My doctor told me that wasn't always the case and some babies keep it down but suffer from stomach pains and bad cramping, much like a woman's menstrual cycle that can be on and off throughout the day. Well, I learned something new.

Any other Moms have/had experiences with a lactose intelerate baby?
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