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September 25th, 2013, 07:05 AM
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Shocked. The only reason I took a test was because my mom said I should. I had been nauseous, but figured it was my acid reflux. I felt normal as far as my PMS and swore my period was coming. She asked me every day for a week how I felt and then one day she asked me "did you get your period?" I said " I guess it's about 4 days late." I picked up a digi that night after work and took it in the morning. I was sure it was going to be negative. I just stared at the word "pregnant" until my eyes teared up and I started shaking. I blinked hard to make sure I was reading the whole thing and kept searching for "not" on the digi screen. I was shaking bad enough that I could barely hold my phone. I called my mom and she could hear me crying and her first words were "Oh my god, are you ok? were you in an accident??? ELISE!" I squeaked out "I'm pregnant." needless to say, I was in shock. SO took it well. He was in california. We had broken up 2 weeks before my BFP. I cried and cried. Went to work and on my way there, I brought some cheapies. I took cheapies for about 2 weeks and was still in disbelief. I prayed so hard that I'd have a healthy baby and I couldn't ask for more. I was so terrified of having a MC since it was my first pregnancy. Crazy. I'm getting choked up thinking about it now.

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