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September 25th, 2013, 10:16 AM
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We have an ergo, boba, dolcino woven wrap, babyhawk mei tai, a water wrap, and a Maya ring sling. The ergo is DH's favorite and we keep it adjusted for him. The boba is my favorite for shopping and quick in/out, it lives in the car and stays adjusted for me. The woven is by far the most comfortable and best for walks and around the house, I use it when I walk to pick up DD at preschool or when G is fussy and needs to be walked around. Sometimes I use the mei tai because it is faster to tie on but it is not as comfy. I use the water wrap in the shower to get us both washed off when G is too fussy to put down or when he needs a bath (I try not to bathe him too much to avoid over drying his skin and scalp).

I haven't used the ring sling at all yet because it does not distribute the weight evenly on both sides and I am still not 100% stable from my injury. It is also less secure if I were to have a fall. Unfortunately I still have to think about these things I used it so much with DD but I am not sure if I will use it at all with G. He is already so heavy and a chart topper and I couldn't use the RS after DD reached 20 lbs or so which G could do in just a few months. I probably won't be stable enough by then to use it.

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