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September 25th, 2013, 01:54 PM
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Originally Posted by mommy cass View Post
I am pro choice.... but if my daughter gets pregnant at any age under 18 then heck yes I would march her tooshie straight to the clinic.... wouldn't hesitate for a sec.... if shes under age its not her choice its mine.... and I think its ludicrous for people to let teens decide ... they r children and shouldnt get to choose something that could destroy thier lives... I will educate her and do whatever I can for her not to end up a pregnant teen but if it did happen then I would absolutly make her get an abortion. .. she dosent have a choice on that subject
Wow, that's extremely authoritarian. A few things to consider:
- plenty of teens under aged 18 have children who they care for properly and those children turn out just fine, as do their mothers. I was one of them. Having a baby does not necessarily "destroy" their life. Forcing them to have an abortion against their will just might.
- is your daughter aware of this policy you have? Some might argue that this stance will leave you open to the "but mom, you said you'd get me an abortion if I ever got pregnant" defense.
- whether or not YOU agree with your child having a child, it's still not your choice. Your choice is to not support the pregnancy. It's your daughter's choice to abort or not, not yours, no matter how much control you'd like to exert over the situation.

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