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September 25th, 2013, 04:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Ame C View Post
With my first pregnancy a used a lotion with coco butter in it. It didn't work because I was covered in stretch marks. While I was pregnant I hated them, and this may sound weird, but once I lost Clyde I really appreciated the stretch marks and didn't mind having them at all. Within 3 months pp they faded and became clear in color.

I'm not using anything now to prevent them. I occasionally put lotion on my stomach but it's not to prevent anything, it's to moisturize and smell pretty. I do have some stretchies that are starting to turn pink/red again and I'm sure I will get loads more but I'm not worried about it. I'm one of those weird women who now appreciates her stripes. No I don't show them off and flaunt them around in belly shirts and tube tops, but I wear them with pride.
Yup, me too. After having had 7 kids already and my 8th on the way, I have some that are pretty deep and red, but even my dr. commented on how beautiful my skin is for having so many kids. Mine are all pretty much below the bellybutton, but even if they were not, Im 42yrs top, bikinis, and anything to show the stomache is a no, no, lol. I have done nothing to prevent them in any of my pregnancy's......I think people inherit good stretchy skin genes, and some do not!
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