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September 25th, 2013, 10:43 PM
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LOVE the article. I feel like I had a somewhat unrealistic idea of what birth would be like. I used Hypnobabies and I remember the videos I was shown in class of women going through transition looking like they were asleep. All of them were so calm, quiet and relaxed looking. I did not think that it would quite that easy for me but it was definitely more painful that I had anticipated. I remember wallowing around in my birth pool in transition and making a mental list of all the things I would have to do before I could get to the hospital and get an epidural (get out of the tub, dry off, put on some sort of clothes, get to the car, ride in the car all the way to the hospital, get checked in, get into a room, have them page the anesthesiologist, wait for him to show up, etc, etc...) I knew at that point there was no way I could do any of that with the amount of pain I was in and I was stuck at home. But yes, I definitely fell apart during transition and I was somewhat embarrassed about it. I felt vulnerable and helpless during part of my birth and I even felt like I was somehow letting my Hypnobabies instructor (who was at my birth) down in some way because I wasn't laboring like the women in the videos. Now I know that was not the case at all but it felt like it at the time. I loved Hypnobabies but I do feel that it, along with some of the other NCB resources I used, may have left me with an overly romanticized birth a bit.

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