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September 26th, 2013, 01:08 PM
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My son who is 15 got his first cell phone for his 13th birthday. He started asking at 11, but we didn't feel the need for him to have one then and we had some behavior and trust issues with him. also he was not one that socialized much outside of school and was immature for his age. During the two years from when he first got it until recently we grounded him from it for months at a time due behavior issues. we've had an understanding with him since day one that I will read all his text and he is not allowed to delete anything until I see them. I have lightened up with that a little more recently.

my daughter who is 10 got hers for her 10th birthday this past March. she is very social and has been tying up my phone with calls and text for the past two years. she is also mature for her age and we do not have behavioral issues with her.

do your kids have ipods? if so they can get a free texting app on their iPods.

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