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September 26th, 2013, 03:53 PM
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Personally, I have a pet peeve regarding the whole "these people should never have been parents" mobs (no offense intended, this isn't designed to be an attack on you GamerMom, it's a very inbuilt reaction that we have).

I think, in this circumstance particularly, so much fell through here. Yes the parents are at fault, but does anyone trust the judgement of drug addicts? They don't exactly make the wisest decisions. This comment in particular by the prosecutor, "They were drug addicts whose need for drugs came before Jayden-Lee." is ridiculous. D-U-H. That's kind of the point of addiction.
The parents were being prescribed methodone, a controlled substance that weans you off heroin, in order to get it you need to attend a rehabilitation clinic, why were child services not contacted by the rehab staff?
The report also says that they often took him to the pub in a terrible state, why were child services not contacted by the people who were so happy to give these reports after his death, where were they when they could have done something?

Whenever one of these situations happen, the comments section of the article is very telling, and here we have all the armchair commentators (some of which clearly have no reading comprehension skills if they think that the mother got less jail time because she is female), yelling out the typical "sterilise them" type nonsense (oh and the comment about the photo with the dirty top, yes because all toddlers with food on them are being abused, because toddlers are great at the whole plate to mouth thing).

You know what I don't see? People calling for more funding for child services, a heavily under-funded government program that could have saved him. I don't see people calling for funding for in-patient treatment of methodone, a private program program that SHOULD be public, privatisation of rehabilitation is a joke, generally most addicts do not have the money for in-patient rehabilitation so the cycle continues. That's something else that could have saved this little boy's life, if his parents got the treatment that they needed.

That's just two solutions. But there will never be mobs of people demanding these things because it would mean a tiny little increase on taxes, and as we have learned, people don't like their cents going to help people. There are millions of children in this little boy's position that can be saved, but no one can actually say that they care unless they are willing to put their money where their mouth (or keyboard) is.
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