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September 26th, 2013, 07:08 PM
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Sorry for not boing around this last i think month. I moved from CO to FL andi it was a long haul. Baby was very good, ecept for sleeping. She's still getting adjusted to my parents house and the move all together. She has to sleep with me for a few hours and then I put her in her crib...

Her new milestones are: talking a little, she's said hi, and what sounds like i love you . She now holds her bottle, closer getting to sippy cups... She's all done with crawling and wants to walk now, not by herself yet. She's up to size 4 in diapers, and 9 to 12-ish month clothes, depending what it is. She still favors mommy at night and daddy majority of the day. lol....

She also loves flirting with people, and boy when they don't pay attention to her she has this very anger look on her face until they do OR stares them down until she cannot see them anymore... lol

But Iwanted to let ya'll know we're doing great
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