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September 27th, 2013, 05:52 AM
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Don't worry Kiam, I am not taking that as a personal attack on what I said. And I agree with you when you say that it's a built in reaction. However, if people ahead of time knew these two were drug addicts then as soon as this woman became pregnant their should have been concerns. Major concerns. And if anything, they should have been monitored to make sure that this boy would get everything he needed and his necessities would be met. If at all, I would make sure these two didn't become parents.

And obviously I was never a drug addict so I can't say it would have been easy for them to just "give up" their addiction because realistically I know that's very unlikely. However, as a mother even wouldn't you at least TRY and be a good parent to your child? Make some sacrifices? If you choose to take part in drugs and alcohol, then why not try to make better choices for your child. For instance, instead of taking him to the bars with you, hire a babysitter. Yes, mind you they might not be able to afford it but even if they had a friend or family who wouldn't mind. Better your child safe than being lug around. If you couldn't find a babysitter than stay at home!

If I was that mother or father I would probably still take the drugs (if I was that addicted to it) but try to take just enough to keep the withdrawal away. That way I was still somewhat capable of at least caring for the child.

This is all "if I was" though. I understand that this might not be a realistic depending on how addicted and how much they were taking. It's not simply easy to "cut back" but then again, babies come with sacrifices as we all know.

I think the comment about the stains on the suit was more so to comment on how the baby had methadone on his shirt proving he was fed the drug, not so much that he spits up. And I agree with the whole idea that people thinking she got less jail time because she was a woman is stupid. Though I do think she should have gotten more, both of them. What they did was murder. Not saying they meant to do it but they gave a child a higher dose of a drug he shouldn't have been given in the first place. Therefore he overdosed and died because of that. Murder charges should have been placed and longer sentences should have been given.
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