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September 27th, 2013, 08:26 AM
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When I gave birth to my daughter i had a catheder like many do, and i ended up with a bladder infection, they sent me home with antibiotics but I didnt take them like I should've been because things were so crazy with a newborn. Well it progressively started to get worse like when I used the bathroom it was very bad burning and stinging pain, but no urgency to pee, well Sunday i called my doctor because I started feeling like i had the flu and i had a fever and I just felt awful, they gave me cipro 250mg for 3 days and I was told if my fever continues after 24hrs to come into the ER because it could be a kidney infection, well I waited until I finished the meds and the day after i finished i had a fever of 101 so I called my OB and he told me to come in, so they took my temp and it was 102.3 and they took two forms of urine, I peed in the cup and they placed a catheder in me to get urine, both came back completely normal, no bladder they ordered a CT scan to look at my kidneys, they found that I had swollen tissue and veins. Long story short i have SPT it is a large blood clot in a large vein in my pelvis that leads to my heart and lungs. They arent sure if it is from my c section but they havent found any other cause yet so right now its pointing to my c section. Ive been in the hospital for 4 days, they are giving me lovonox in my stomach and coumadin to thin my blood. My INR level is at a 1.1 and they want it at a 2 so I think ill be in here another night, after the hospital i have to see a hemotologist every week for however long.

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