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September 27th, 2013, 02:29 PM
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My name is Carla and I am new to the board! I have 3 children and my DH and I are planning on adding 1 more once we get the okay from the Doctors. We were planning on trying in March but I was having some issues with heart palpitations so I went to the doctors. They told me they thought I was having them because I was a healthy active person. Well a few weeks later after some test they found out the my EF was at 40. (ejection fraction:for heart) I had an MRI (for heart) and My EF was 48 - 50-55 being normal. So I am borderline Cardiomyopathy, but Good news I don't have to take medicine. I just need to keep staying healthy. My cardiologist told me to be happy we have three kids! Which I am but we know for sure that we want one more. So when I left her office I called the high risk specialist at the hospital and made an appointment. After talking with them, they feel like having one more is possible. There is no explanation for why my heart is acting up. They just don't know! So we are waiting for my next heart scan and when I go back to see the specialist in November.

extra Info: I'M 30.

I have been with my DH for 10 years, married for 7. My DH just finished his Phd. I have one son who is 12, and my DH and I have 2 girls together (5,3) I love to run and I am running my first Half marathon at the end of October. We have two kitties and a Miniature pincher.

I hope to get to know some of you moms and I hope that in some way I can help others.
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