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September 28th, 2013, 07:26 AM
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I'm about the same as others, about 18 mos or 2 years. I have a WHOPPER of a story to tell you about blankets though. Get a load of this.

When DS was a wee little thing, I don't think he was 2 mos, we had his bassinet downstairs near the dining room so he could nap close to us during the day, and my CRAZY MIL was over for the afternoon/evening. DS was napping and I went over to check on him and there was a knitted blanket, come out of nowhere, UNDER his head and wrapped OVER his face. I screamed and grabbed the blanket and pulled it away from him. I checked him for breathing and made sure he was ok. I started yelling "Who put that blanked under his head?" over and over again.

So my MIL comes in and says "He NEEDS a pillow. ALL my kids had pillows when they were babies". I looked at her like she had 8 heads and told her under no uncertain terms was she to ever touch my child again and that he will NEVER have a pillow. DH told her to leave that decision up to me.

I was SHAKING with rage. I thought she had suffocated him. She continued to do crazy crap like that whenever she was around - letting him go to sleep with a sippy cup of CHOCOLATE MILK when he was 2, giving him a cup of crackers in his crib once, all sorts of stupid, unsafe stuff. And she wondered why we didn't pick her to be his daily caregiver when I went back to work.
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