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September 28th, 2013, 09:56 AM
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Last time we had the opposite problem, so many girl names that we liked that it was hard narrowing it down.

He has vetoed my favorite two names of Marcus and Wilfred.

The short list we have of names we both like are Barret, Reginald, Alan, Bernard, Corey/Corry/Kory, Cornelius, Darrel, Keith, Nickolas, Phillip, Taylor, Travis, and Trevor. He's not very enthusiastic about any of them, so we have a bunch of middle names on our hands. My favorites of them are Barret, Bernard, and Travis.

So how we have to find a name that we both absolutely love to go in front of one of those names. Preferably Barret, Bernard or Travis.

So it would be;

blank Barret Conwell

blank Bernard Conwell

blank Travis Conwell

Can you guys help? We've been through our entire name book.

Edit: Oh if it helps, the names we agreed on that we absolutely loved for the last one were Ashley, Nicole, Maylene, and Lydia.

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