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September 28th, 2013, 11:46 AM
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hey guys, I posted but waited to post and it timed, lol. We drove about 6-7 hours a day, the first day Monday I believe was bad. We had to stop in La Juanta, CO, the drive was terrible due to the bad rain storms that were going on in CO. Couldn't see. We saw two accidents - one dude drove off the road into a ditch with 2" of water or so, the other accident some idiot decided to tailgate us and my parents, speed around, and 1 mile up the road we found him crash into the guardrail. My dad called 911 on him for help, but still. I was driving 25mph because I couldn't see lol.

So far it's been going great. I've applied to to be a at home advisor and matt has applied to a few places here. My unemployment has been approved finally and we were approved for food stamps and medicare or is it medicad? for health insurance, until we get jobs.

My parents and I do get on each others side, but I guess thats the life of children and their parents lol. I'm lucky though, they took our family in when we needed it the most or we would be homeless, so thats a plus.

Thanks for thinking of us ladies!
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