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September 29th, 2013, 10:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Mitra Shonu View Post
Could I ask for one from you please, Jackie? Hidden Realms would be perfect if you are so drawn...

Thank you, Lady...
Oh, cool, I don't pull this card often!

The Fire Prince
optimism, aggression

When the Fire Prince arrives as your Ally, he lets you know that he represents the invisible forces behind all manner of manifestation, and he brings you the gift of optimism. You will be rightly inspired to move forward and take confident and assertive action to reach your goal.

Envisioning the path of the highest good with an optimistic outlook, the Fire Prince also brings you the gift of a miracle. Things come together as if by magic to create the reality you seek.

You have every reason to be hopeful. Move forward, knowing that you have everything you need and more. Just remember to share the enthusiasm, believe in others, and be optimistic for them, too, and your good fortune will multiply.

There are a couple messages delivered by the Fire Prince, so take heed as one or both could pertain to you now. Be mindful of starting a fire you can't put out. Aggressive action results in loss; slow down and don't be so eager to reach your goal. Stay clear of someone else's unbridled ambition and aggression as well. If you think you could get burned, you most certainly will-unless you remove yourself from the action.

When the Fire Prince arrives as a Challenger, he could also be warning you to be careful of burnout. This might pertain to workaholism or obsessively focusing on something you want, excluding all else. You may be afraid to let go, but you must. if you keep going the way you are, truly you won't have any energy left, nor will you see your way through your path. It's easy to get lost in the dark where there is no flame to light the way.

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