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September 29th, 2013, 11:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Mitra Shonu View Post
When you get a moment, could I have a reading please?
20. The Cow
nourishment, abundance, asking, receiving

The Cow says 'Take my milk, I can always feed you. Ill eat the grass of the God/Godess and, in turn, pass good fortune on to you. Nourishment is never-ending when I appear on your path. Dont forget to till the soil so that grass may grow. Abundance is made manifest out of a universal system. Do your part, and I will do mine with joy. Ask, and you will receive all the blessing I have to offer.'

The Cow reminds you that there is no shortage of blessings in the world. Ask to partake in infinite abundance, and you will, indeed, get exactly what you need.

I am peace, full of unconditional love. I am confident and in tune with the Divine, receptive to guidance.
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