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September 29th, 2013, 11:38 AM
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Originally Posted by BlueJayBaby View Post
I'd love a reading as well please.
1st rune - Kenaz - Open to strength and creating your own life. This was a time for truths to be told and time to revel the trued naked self. This rune came to me backwards which to me means you are struggling with its meaning.

2nd rune - Mannaz - This is about your attitude towards life and willingness to accept aide. It is a reminder that you need your friends and family and remember human beings are social animals and not supposed to be alone.

3rd rune - Ehwaz - You will receive the strength and drive to go further than you expect and to do things you thought you couldn't do. Be mindful of how you treat others. It is time for teamwork and trust.

Are you feeling lonely or alone? Are you SuperMom, who needs no help? It is time to tear down all the walls and trust those that love you and want to help you.


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