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September 29th, 2013, 12:46 PM
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I would explain about why it might take longer than he realizes in case he doesn't understand that. Then I would talk about when he thinks he might be ready. A deadline is good but not like a crazy close one. Before Paxton came along so unexpectedly Bobby and I discussed maybe having a third by the time I was 35. We both knew we probably weren't done but weren't ready to go there yet in any way so that deadline was great for us. We gave ourselves a huuuuuuuge gap and both felt better about it. So tell him because it might take a while to get pregnant again you need a definite timeline and if he gives you one that's a few years from now be ok with that and hope he'll change his mind eventually and make it sooner. (Sorry if this doesn't make any sense. Bobby's listening to podcasts and it's hard for me to concentrate.)
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