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September 29th, 2013, 12:51 PM
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Originally Posted by BlueJayBaby View Post
I'd love a reading Ashleigh!
29. The Wind Faery
thoughts, words, intelectual analysis

The Wind Faery whispers that the power of thoughts manifest the unseen into the physical. Take time to observe your predominant thoughts. Are they positive? Do they reflect empowering concepts? Or are they negative and disempowering?

When you tune in to how your mind is focused, you will surely see the relationships between your environment and the thoughts you are thinking. To change the world of outer conditions, you must first change the way you think.

The Wind Faery also reminds you of the power of intellect, as this is a good time to use the power of your analytical mind. Think before you act; this is not the time for impulsive action. A well thought out strategy will yield a positive result.

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