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September 29th, 2013, 03:22 PM
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I can tell you that pretty much any lady on here will tell you that if you are unsure and conflicted you should absolutely not go through with the abortion. Giving in to pressure and unsupportive behavior from the baby's father will end in heartache for you. This is your son or daughter and it's absolutely not your responsibility to worry about the effect this little child will have on that man's life. He was fully aware when he had unprotected sex that creating a life is a possibility. If he doesn't man up and take responsibility for that life, that makes him a jerk, but it doesn't need to change your decision.

An unexpected baby is emotional and life changing, but rmember that the changes a little one brings can be so overwhelmingly positive. You've been given an incredible gift-- a chance to bring a little life into the world and relive all the crazy joy that comes from that -- and this time around be a little older and wiser and more able to savor the moments than you were fifteen years ago. It's something I can promise you that you won't regret, and I think you already know that.

Your little one's father can take an active roll or take a hike, but don't let him take control and try to bully you into a decision that's just focused on his convenience.

Best wishes and keep us posted!
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