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September 29th, 2013, 04:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Babybear4 View Post
I would love a reading, as well.
Shelley, this card jumped from the deck for you, ironically the frog

14. The Frog
cleaning house, releasing emotional baggage

The Frog says that its time to clean house and get rid of the clutter in your environment, your head, and your heart. Move out any objects, thoughts, or relationships that hold you back. Its time to get rid of anything that clutters your life or your space with unwanted burdensome energy, or anything that weighs heavily on your heart.

Look around you and take stock of what surrounds you. Does what you see hold positive and supportive energy? If not, its time to throw it away and release it so that it, in turn, will release you from its influence. When the Frog appears, its always spring and time for cleaning your house so you can allow new and fresh energy to enter your world.

The Frog says 'Its time to release all things no longer appropriate to rbring on your journey. Then you can hop to the next lily pad, light and free.'

I am peace, full of unconditional love. I am confident and in tune with the Divine, receptive to guidance.
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