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September 29th, 2013, 10:20 PM
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Before I got my daughter I literally cried while on the potty everytime I went and got that first bit of AF....then I got angry...can't tell u how many times I threw something in my bathroom...then I got to the give up point...just looked in the mirror at the woman who couldn't seem to do what others did so easily...or at least I thought others did (hadnt discovered places like this board yet). I was so depressed for so long...I felt inadequate as a woman...I didn't understand. We weren't activly trying but not preventing at all really...I didn't get it...I know its a rough feeling..guess everyone of us here can relate tk each other in that way...I just knew this time I couldnt do this allllll by myself...I'm so happy for this board...and I will be wishing everyday that ur time comea very soon!!!!
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