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September 30th, 2013, 06:27 AM
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That's kind of the point I am making. I would TRY, not that I would be able to do these things. And you might be right, I may never be able to do it but that would prove my point that they shouldn't be parents. Or at least they shouldn't have been allowed to keep the child.

And I'm not trying to pick a fight here, just a friendly debate but you can't say that I would have done none of these things. Think about all kinds of people who are in the same situation and had overcome it? There's always a point where someone can say, "You know what? I am done. I am turning my life around." I know of friends who have gone so far down that path that I thought they would never come back out of it. But they did. It took a long time, patience and seeing a few doctors and specialists but they did it. Now they have families of their own. Probably be more realistic if I said I would try it throughout the years because I know it's not something that would be fixed right away.

Yes, you may need a high dose to survive if you have gotten that far in with the drugs but again, people have been in that situation and have gotten back out have they not? If anything I would think a baby on the way would be that one thing to convince me to pull through the rough nights and days and push forward to make a better life for him/her.

And the whole "murder" thing. The mother didn't give the killing dose however the article says that they are not sure if that one dose was the reason the boy died or if the small doses over time along with that one large dose did it. Meaning, the mother could have assisted in the death of her son along with the father. In my opinion, they are both guilty. Though if you are not in your right mind that might make a difference in the law books but it shouldn't be a excuse for them to get away with it. If that was the case, we would have a lot more stories like this one.

And off topic, you seem to know a lot about the drug methadone. Did you do any nursing or pharmacy studies, psychology or do you just do a lot of research? I am just wondering because debating this article has actually been interesting I must say. lol. I would do a few debates in school but nothing major and didn't get far with it though I enjoyed it. And you seem to know your stuff which is better than just rhyming stuff out hoping to get the better edge of the debate.
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