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September 30th, 2013, 07:07 AM
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We had a fairly busy weekend. Saturday was the United Peafowl Association convention that I was hired to make the cake for. Since my friends were hosting it they invited us to stay. I was paid $100. Spent it on gas, dog food, chicken food, and some groceries.

Sunday we worked outside all day. Told the kids that if they helped us finish tear down of the rotted coop and work on clean up all day (with breaks) we'd let them watch Ironman 3 last night even though it was a school night plus pay them each $5. That was all it took, and they not only got the rest of the old coop torn down, but the old pig box, too from our potbelly pig we used to own. DH and I set up a big fire and burned it all down in a pile. Fire is still smoldering this morning so we're going to go out and pile more junk on it to burn today. I plan to pay the kids a little extra because they did a super job.

Today the older kids are back to school, so DH and I are going to do more yard work/clean up.

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