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September 30th, 2013, 11:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Shades of Grey View Post
25. Butterfly

When you see the butterfly, know that the power of beauty is in your life. The Butterfly reminds you to see through its eyes and watch the world be transformed. Beauty is in the eye of the one who looks for it.

Today, look for loveliness even in the darkest places, and you will be amazed. All of the Mystery is beautiful. Beauty is everywhere. You just have to open your eyes.

The next step can only be achieved if you do this today.

Someone may give you something beautiful today. Remember to be grateful.
This is great thanks so much! I think i have been feeling so down lately and looking at life as a struggle, and been in a dark place, maybe this message is telling me if i opened my eyes and looked at the bigger world and place I am then I will see it is beautiful maybe I am shutting my eyes too tight

I held my niece for the first time yesterday at hospital, she is beautiful )
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