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September 30th, 2013, 03:21 PM
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For a woman with a low risk pregnancy there can be tons of great benefits to having a home birth. The first being that she can be in the comfort of her own home while going through a natural process. She can have a MUCH higher chance of having a natural, vaginal birth without the use of drugs, forceps, episiotomies, and other interventions often used in hospital births.
She can choose which position to be in when in labor or giving birth, or even what she wants to do. She can walk when she wants, lay down, get in the tub, sit on a trampoline, go to the grocery store.. lol, you name it. You can eat what and when you want.. instead of someone telling you that you're not allowed to eat or drink, when your body needs nutrients to stay energized.

There are tons of benefits, for the right person. Any specifically that you are interested in?

11/23/2015 - at 8.5 weeks
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